Wednesday, May 23, 2012

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Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that Facebook is the BIG thing on the internet these days. With everyone from college kids posting pictures of their parties to grandmothers making accounts so they can look at pictures of their grandkids, everyone is on Facebook.

So what does that mean for a online fitness and nutrition affiliate? Big money of course and without spending a time. Best of all, you can accomplish this in about 5 minutes per day. Seriously, I'm not kidding you. Sure Facebook has there advertising program that literally charges you a arm and a leg. I've yet to see anyone get a bid lower then 48 cents for there ad. Sure you can set it lower but they won't run your ad.  So Facebook advertising is a no-no since it gets expensive. Lucky for us though, there's a few simple tips that we can use to get massive traffic and make money on Facebook without paying a dime.

Tip # 1: Just get a big amount of Facebook friends  I wish everything was this easy but all you have to do is friend a bunch of people in your niche. To find those people just go to your colleagues in the field and start adding their friends as yours. It's really simple. 99% of people on Facebook "friend" anyone, regardless of if they know them. Not to mention that they are interested in fitness and nutrition so you're all set.  Be careful though, Facebook will warn you if you try to friend more then 40-50 people per day and after 10 warnings they will remove your account, no questions asked.  More friends= more potential to make money on Facebook

Tip # 2: Start a Facebook fan page  In 2010, we're going to be talking about Facebook fan pages as the "it" thing in the fitness and internet marketing industry. They are that powerful since they have search engine optimized urls and you don't need to be a member of Facebook to view them. Not to mention that you can add all of these hacks to personalize it such as your rss feed, your youtube videos and a whole host of other cool featured.  The biggest? You can start a discussion board.That tip alone should make you money using Facebook. When someone posts in the discussion board, all of their friends see the comment. That, in a nutshell, is how Facebook is viral. The more conversation the bigger chance to make money.  Always bring the topics back to the current affiliate offer. If the topic is about diets, post good content then after a while jump in and say "hey check this out".

Tip# 3: Connect with more people  Facebook gives us the unique ability to connect with more people on a day to day basis. So you're friend 30 people per day and you can see when they friend you. When they do, go post a nice welcome message on their page. Ask them how they are and what they are doing today. You accomplish two things here. For one, you make a connection so they are more likely to read your notes or view your links. Second, all of their friends are seeing what you're writing. Another way to go viral. Once you build these relationship, it'll be easy to get people to check out a product that you're offering.

Tip # 4: Treat Facebook like a blog  Most people don't post enough content on Facebook period. Facebook allows you to post links and notes. You better be doing that. Nothing that's spam, just post relevant content to your market. Not a expert in your market? That's fine. Just go to ezine articles or any other article directory( or the best, my affiliate section) and take one of those articles and post them. Be sure to give credit and just watch how people interact when you post the note. All you have to do is include a link at the end of the note. Something like "For more fat loss information visit x site"

Nothing too pushy, just get the great content out there. After that you should it easy to make money using Facebook

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